Institute for Research
on Early Islamic History
and the Koran

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In the following, books published by Inârah and some articles by researchers affiliated with Inârah are showcased. 

German Volumes

At irregular intervals, Inârah publishes volumes  containing original stu​dies by researchers affiliated with Inârah. The contributions are largely in German, to a lesser extent in French and English. Hitherto eight volumes have appeared in the series ​​​Inârah - Schriften zur frühen Islamgeschichte und zum Koran, the latter four also subtitled Die Entstehung einer Weltreligion 
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English Articles

Here we provide links to several articles in English on Islamic origins and the Qur'an by researchers affiliated with Inârah, some of which have been published in the above mentioned English volumes.

German Articles


Here numerous articles written in German by researchers affiliated with Inârah on subjects with bearing on Islam, Islamic origins and the Qur'an are made available.